Don't Let the Insurance Company Blame the Wisconsin Winter!

Mar 03, 2014

Don’t Let The Insurance Company Blame the Wisconsin Winter!


Harsh Winters

Wisconsin averages 50,000 motor vehicle crashes in winter when roads are covered in snow and ice, causing an average of 5,000 people to be injured and 45 people killed according to Ready Wisconsin. Wisconsin winters are harsh and unpredictable. The Wisconsin DOT reports 35 to 40 winter storms hit Wisconsin each winter resulting in as little as 40 inches and as much as 160 inches of snow. With these facts it is almost impossible to avoid ending up in an auto accident during winter sometime in your life.

Who Is To Blame?

When an accident happens, one of the first questions is who was liable for the crash. This maybe a complex answer since poor weather conditions were present. It is very common that the responsible party, and their insurance provider, will blame Mother Nature. An insurance provider can lessen their liability if the accident is determined to be caused by something other than their insured driver. Therefore, the insurance company has incentive to blame the weather, or you, for the car crash. While Mother Nature may have been a factor in the accident, drivers are still required to use caution when driving, no matter the conditions. As a result, a driver, not the weather, is to blame.

This is where what you say WILL be used against you. Insurance providers are crafty in the questions they ask. They are looking for any answer you give to open a possible avenue for placing the blame elsewhere. Therefore, an experienced attorney is vital to your case. An experience personal injury attorney is aware of the traps and is able to avoid falling into them.

Who Can Help?

If you have been involved in an incapacitating car accident or just a fender bender this winter an attorney at Pedersen Law Office is here to help you through the process and fight to get you what you deserve. Even if initially you didn’t feel there was an injury but are now dealing with lingering pain, it is not too late. The time to act is now.


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