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Small Estates In Wisconsin

Not all estates need to go through a lengthy probate process. Find out the different ways to handle small estates in the State of Wisconsin.
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Estate Planning: Knowing the Difference Between Will, Living Will and Power of Attorney

Find out the difference between a Last Will and Testament, a Living Will and Power of Attorney.
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Common Types of Estate Planning Trusts

Trusts are not just for the rich. Learn why many use a trust as part of their estate planning.

Common Reasons to Contest a Will

Explore the common reasons Wills are contested and what you can do to prevent it.
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Difference Between Informal and Formal Probate

Dealing with the death of a loved one can be overwhelming. Learn more about the different types of estate administration now, not when you are grieving.
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Importance of Having a Will for Blended Families

Do you think all of your assets will go to your spouse if you die without a will? Find out how your assets will be distributed if you have a blended family and die without a will.

Estate Planning: Will Versus Trust

Discover the difference between a will and a trust and learn what type of estate planning is right for you.

How Does the Social Security Administration Define Disability?

Wondering if you qualify to receive Social Security Disability. See how SSA defines disabled.
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What are “work credits” in Social Security Disability Cases?

What are work credits in a social security disability claim and how many are needed?
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What to do if your Social Security Disability Claim is denied.

Social Security Disability denied your claim. Now what?
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