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Wisconsin Divorce Process: Start to Finish

Learn about how the Wisconsin Divorce process is handled from the filing of the Petition to the Final Divorce hearing. Everyone’s situation is different; regardless, all divorces follow the same main steps. Knowing these steps will help you better under…
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Divorce and How It Will Affect Your Taxes

Know the tax issues that will matter when negotiating your divorce. When going through a divorce it is difficult to see all aspects that will be affected. If you do not plan for these issues in your divorce, you may get a surprise at tax time.
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Facing Divorce as a Stay at Home Mom

Discover the issues that stay at home moms face during a divorce and how to prepare for them. We will cover the topics of child placement, child support, health insurance, property division and maintenance / alimony. Have more questions? We offer free …
t and may negatively impact your case. Child Support Child support is calculated based on peri… the court calculates child support based on both parties income. It is a compl

What to Expect at the Temporary Order Hearing for Divorce

Are you going through a divorce? Learn what happens at a Temporary Order Hearing in a divorce case. Also, find out if the hearing can be avoided completely.
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Mediation Process in a Divorce or Custody Case

Have you been ordered to mediation for your family law case? Find out what to expect at Mediation and how to be prepared.
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Divorce and the New Tax Reform

Find out how the new tax reform affects divorces in Wisconsin.
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