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Do I Need an Attorney for my Divorce?

Find out what advantages there are to having an attorney represent you in a divorce and whether it is worth the investment or not. Even if you and your spouse agree to most issues, there are reasons why an attorney should be involved - find out why.
maintenance. Parties always believe they agree on all i

Wisconsin Divorce Process: Start to Finish

Learn about how the Wisconsin Divorce process is handled from the filing of the Petition to the Final Divorce hearing. Everyone’s situation is different; regardless, all divorces follow the same main steps. Knowing these steps will help you better under…
for what debts until the final judgment. Maintenancethe court may order a party to pay the other maintenance. The court looks into the length of the mar

Facing Divorce as a Stay at Home Mom

Discover the issues that stay at home moms face during a divorce and how to prepare for them. We will cover the topics of child placement, child support, health insurance, property division and maintenance / alimony. Have more questions? We offer free …
which will be discussed further under Maintenance in the divorce before you request it. MaintenanceAlimony Maintenance maintenance is much more subjective. The law for mainte

Divorce Process - Video

Do you have questions about the divorce process? In this video Attorney Pedersen explains the divorce process and answers many common divorce questions.
Alimony or Maintenance and Property Division. The court will hearin… maintenance or alimony. If the parties are able to come … alimony or maintenance

Divorce and the New Tax Reform

Find out how the new tax reform affects divorces in Wisconsin.