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How Long Does Probate Take In Wisconsin?

Find out how long the probate process is in Wisconsin and what causes an estate to stay in probate for so long.
through the probate process are taxes. The personal representative must file any outstanding income taxes for …e process can be the responsiveness of your personal representative

When to Update Your Will

Having a Last Will and Testament is important. Making sure your Will is up to date and valid is just as important. Find out when you will want to review and update your Will.
it is important to have alternative personal representatives and guardians in case your first choice pr… Deciding on a Personal Representative

Differences Between Your Power of Attorney and Personal Representative

Find out the differences between your Power of Attorney and Personal Representative including their appointment and responsibilities.
ibilities of your Power of Attorney and your Personal Representative seem similar… only has authority while you are alive. A Personal Representative can only be appointed and have authority af

Understanding Probate Accounting

Learn the basic process of taking inventory, keeping financial records and the final accounting of an estate in Wisconsin.
recently passed away and you were named as personal representative in their last will and testament. After you… you can start to perform your duties as personal representative. Most people don