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Avoiding the Tax Trap of Debt Relief

Learn how bankruptcy can help avoid the harsh tax consequences of debt relief.
it is considered income and you have to pay taxes on it. The creditor is required to file a 10… how can you expect to pay taxes on the debt… Law makers recognize that paying taxes on the forgiven debt after filing bankruptcy

Divorce and How It Will Affect Your Taxes

Know the tax issues that will matter when negotiating your divorce. When going through a divorce it is difficult to see all aspects that will be affected. If you do not plan for these issues in your divorce, you may get a surprise at tax time.
g married or single on the day you file your taxes. It is based on your marital status on Dece…of the year gets to claim the child on their taxes as a dependent. However

Divorce and the New Tax Reform

Find out how the new tax reform affects divorces in Wisconsin.
he divorce process and no one enjoys paying taxes. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act made changes th…f the year gets to claim the child on their taxes. This is very simple when it comes to sole