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Do I Need an Attorney for my Divorce?

Find out what advantages there are to having an attorney represent you in a divorce and whether it is worth the investment or not. Even if you and your spouse agree to most issues, there are reasons why an attorney should be involved - find out why.
and News Divorce attorneys cost money… you are not required to have an attorney to get divorced. This begs the question… What are the advantages of having an attorney

Divorce Process - Video

Do you have questions about the divorce process? In this video Attorney Pedersen explains the divorce process and answers many common divorce questions.
and News Attorney Trevor Pedersen with the Pedersen Law Office… The first step is to work with your attorney who is going to draft the five major papers

What to Do After a Love One Dies?

Dealing with the death of a loved one can be overwhelming. Knowing what needs to be done before dealing with the loss of a loved one can be very beneficial.
eirs or be sold. CONSULT WITH AN ATTORNEY Meeting with an attorney can help determ…ate planning documents to the meeting. The attorney can review the documents and let you know i

Guardian Ad Litem: Who? What? How?

Have you ever heard of a guardian ad litem? If you are dealing with a family law issue, you may have to have one. Learn who a guardian ad litem is, what their role is, and how to be prepared.
ian Ad Litem A guardian ad litem is an attorney that is appointed by the court to assist the

Easy Ways to Help Avoid Probate In Wisconsin

Probate, what it is and how to avoid it? Learn things you can do now to save you and your loved ones time and money.

Vehicle Searches: What is Legal?

No one wants to get pulled over by the police. Knowing your rights when you do get pulled over might make all the difference.
your Attorney can file a Motion to Suppress Evidence. Wh… it is important to find an attorney who will fight for you. Pedersen Law Offic

Estate Planning: Deciding on a Personal Representative

Learn about the responsibilities of a personal representative and figure out who would make a good personal representative for you.
Deciding whether to hire an attorney to handle probate Managi

How Long Does Probate Take In Wisconsin?

Find out how long the probate process is in Wisconsin and what causes an estate to stay in probate for so long.
k process is by meeting with an experienced attorney to discuss your estate planning prior to yo

Divorce and the New Tax Reform

Find out how the new tax reform affects divorces in Wisconsin.

Avoid or Reduce Criminal Charges in Wisconsin

Have you been arrested and facing criminal charges? Find out how to avoid or reduce a criminal charge through a diversion or deferred prosecution agreement.
meeting with an experienced criminal attorney to discuss your options is in your best int