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Importance of a Power of Attorney

Learn about the importance of having a Power of Attorney and what can happen if you do not have one.
proper estate planning is more than just a Last Will and Testament.…n experienced attorney assist you with your estate planning can give you peace of mind that you and your

Differences Between Your Power of Attorney and Personal Representative

Find out the differences between your Power of Attorney and Personal Representative including their appointment and responsibilities.
e probate process. FREE CONSULTS Estate planning can provide peace of mind when it is underst

Settling a Trust After Death

Learn about the process of settling a trust after death and the responsibilities of the successor trustee.
get organized. You will need the original estate planning documents including the revocable trust and …e attorney who drafted the trust or another estate planning attorney to help you through the administeri

Understanding a Special Needs Trust

Learn the basic purpose of a Special Needs Trust, how it works and the benefits it can provide.
A Special Needs Trust is an estate planning option that could be the solution you are l

Understanding Probate Accounting

Learn the basic process of taking inventory, keeping financial records and the final accounting of an estate in Wisconsin.

Common Estate Planning Terms

Learn common terms used in estate planning and during the probate process in Wisconsin.
and News Estate planning is essentially preparing for the unknown. I…s easy to understand why estate planning is important