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What to Do After a Love One Dies?

Dealing with the death of a loved one can be overwhelming. Knowing what needs to be done before dealing with the loss of a loved one can be very beneficial.
trust or any other estate planning documents S… be avoided if the love one had a revocable trust. An attorney can also help the persona

Estate Planning: Will Versus Trust

Discover the difference between a will and a trust and learn what type of estate planning is right for you.
people do not understand whether a will or a trust would work better for their circumstances. … explore the difference between a will and a trust. LAST WILL

Settling a Trust After Death

Learn about the process of settling a trust after death and the responsibilities of the successor trustee.
d News If you have been named a successor trustee by a loved one who passed away… has little experience settling a revocable trust. The good news is the estate should avoid t

Common Estate Planning Terms

Learn common terms used in estate planning and during the probate process in Wisconsin.
e used to describe the process of settling a Trust after the grantor of a Trust passes away. …and manage an estate pursuant to a Will or a Trust. Also see Personal Representative and Trust